Inkjet inks open new opportunities for printed electronics making possible fast and direct production

The inkjet technology allows printing with no direct contact, and without the need for intermediate tools, facilitating the  fabrication of electronic structures, devices and circuits, no matter which functional materials (ink) and substrates are used.

Inkjet printing  is suitable for a wide range of production scales, from prototyping to large-scale industrial production. This technique allows the manufacturing of high definition products by controlling the thickness using industrial printheads.

Mateprincs inkjet inks have high stability, good definition on different substrates (Kapton, glass, ceramic) and various functionalities for electronic applications.

The inks can be printed with Xaar and Dimatix DOD printheads. Mateprincs patented ITO inkjet ink provides new possibilities for transparent applications.

Mateprincs inks can be tailored to meet a particular specification.

Conductive nanocopper ink with high electrical conductivity.
350ºC, N2
13-16 µΩ·cm