MATEPRINCS, considers quality, respects the environment and evaluates the food safety and work ethics as the bases of its management and, therefore, they must be considered in all the activities carried out in the company.

All these points are priority in the activities that are carried out in MATEPRINCS, S.L., to give satisfaction to the needs and expectations of the client every moment, with a sustainable product that meets the legal requirements, customer and internal specifications; counting with the participation of all its employees.

The guidelines and objectives of the company that guide MATEPRINCS S.L. are reflected in this policy, which is structured in the following axes of action:

  • To offer products and services that satisfy and meet the expectations of the customers, through a personalized treatment and anticipating their needs.
  • To reduce costs as the basic tool that will allow, the survival of the company in the market.
  • The development of a culture of constant improvement, detecting not only the failures that occur and their causes, but also anticipating the potentials and avoiding them consequently.
  • Encourage dialogue, participation and communication within the company and with customers and suppliers.
  • Evaluate the adequacy of documentation and its application in all the areas of the company.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Occupational safety measures must be respected every moment.


This Policy should serve as a reference framework for the development of the Management System, as well as for the setting of the objectives of the enterprise.

In order to achieve the purposes, set out in this Policy, it must be communicated and understood by all levels.

The Management of MATEPRINCS, S.L. undertakes to provide the necessary resources for the development and implementation of the Management System in its entirety.


Managing director

Jose Ignacio Oteiza Echeverria