Make your inspiration reality

Mateprincs inks are designed to a high standard to allow the manufacturing of top quality printed products. Each ink has been validated by manufacturing a device to ensure its performance.

Mateprincs materials find application in a broad range of industries including: energy, automotive, electronics and displays.

Mateprincs team of chemists and electronic engineers collaborate closely in the design of ink requirements.

In addition to our base formulations, we work with clients to develop and customize the best formulation for their needs. Mateprincs design and R&D services in nanoparticle design, formulation, dispensing and curing are available to develop a custom solution perfect for each client.

Within these applications you can find:


Electrochemical Sensors

Mateprincs carbon inks are designed to be used as a work electrode with excellent properties.

Paper Applications

Mateprincs offset ink is suitable for paper substrates.

Textile Applications